Give to Emerson

At Emerson, like nearly every independent school and college, tuition and fees do not cover the complete cost of educating your child. The long tradition of giving from parents, faculty, alumni, and board members is factored into Emerson’s annual operating budget as what is called the Annual Fund.

The Annual Fund bridges the gap between tuition and operating expenses.

Your support makes a direct impact on the Emerson community and the quality of education every student receives. When you give to Emerson School, you help Emerson implement school improvements, provide financial aid, purchase classroom supplies and updated technology, and provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff.

One hundred percent of Emerson’s faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees give to the Annual Fund, and we count on every Emerson family to do the same. What matters most is your participation. Each gift, no matter the size, makes an impact, and when every family gives we reach our budget and the entire community benefits.

Annual Fund Gifts
+ Make your Annual Fund gift or pledge online now

Endowment Gifts
If you prefer to make an endowed gift that will provide support for Emerson in perpetuity, please direct your gift to Emerson’s general Endowment Fund. Emerson’s endowment is managed by the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation (AAACF) and gifts can be made to Emerson School directly through AAACF’s website linked below.
+ Make a gift to Emerson’s endowment at the AAACF

Why Independent Schools Budget For Gifts

Though it creates a gap between Emerson’s expenses and tuition revenues:

  • What would otherwise be part of tuition becomes a tax-deductible gift
  • It minimizes tuition fluctuations and keeps tuition affordable for the greatest number of families
  • It allows Emerson’s tuition to be accurately compared with all other independent schools, which also budget for annual giving
How to Give and Giving Options

Your gift to the Annual Fund can be a one-time or recurring contribution and can be made in your name, anonymously, or in honor/memory of other people and businesses. All gifts will be recognized in print and online in Emerson School’s Annual Report.

Give Online
Complete the Web form here to make your gift online.

Give by Mail or In Person
Please print a reply card or pick one up in Emerson’s office to accompany your credit card or check gift, then mail or drop it off.

Give Stock
A gift of appreciated securities may be an ideal way for you to support Emerson School, depending on your personal circumstances. As stock price increase, so do the taxes you owe on the long-term capital gain at the point of sale.  However, if you choose to make a gift of appreciated securities to a qualified charitable organization like Emerson, it can be advantageous to you in two ways:

  • You will avoid paying capital gains taxes on any increase in value—taxes owed when you sell any appreciated securities
  • You earn a federal income tax deduction based on the current fair market value of the securities, regardless of their original cost

You should consult with your financial advisor regarding the specific tax benefits of gifting securities. Please contact 734.665.5662, x312 or email for more information and/or questions about donating stock.

Give In-Kind Gifts
Emerson School is grateful to receive items and services as gifts-in-kind. To do so, please download and complete the form here. Gifts are tax-deductible and the IRS requires donors to indicate the value of all items donated.

NOTE: All gifts received before June 30 will be credited in the current fiscal year.