Why Emerson?

Because a great start can change everything.

Education is like compound interest, the earlier you invest, the greater the return. Elementary and middle school are the formative years that shape how children feel about learning and lay the groundwork for future success.

At Emerson School, we believe that school doesn’t have to be boring; that teaching to tests will never excite, challenge, nurture, and engage the whole child the way school should. Here, classrooms are places of joy, exploration, and respect for one another. It’s where passionate educators are empowered to teach, and gifted and talented students discover that understanding how and why is as important as knowing the right facts.

There is no better place for bright and for academically talented students to learn than Emerson School.

Great teachers are not exclusive to Emerson School, but the caliber of educators at Emerson is truly remarkable. Here, teachers are liberated from a rigid, test-driven curriculum, and have the freedom to connect with and inspire their students through their passions and skills.

It’s no surprise that the average teacher has been at Emerson for more than a decade.


Children learn best in a caring environment where each child’s unique gifts and talents are celebrated. As an independent school, Emerson teachers do just that and make each classroom a unique experience for their unique children.

At Emerson, school is a safe place for taking creative risks, which is a struggle for many bright and academically talented students. Children learn by doing, by being listened to, by participating, and by working together. Emerson works to instill important values, including respect, responsibility, compassion, and honesty to promote the importance of contributing to the Emerson School community and the larger communities in which we live.


Though “whole child” has become a school cliche, it sums up how Emerson aims to educate and nurture every child.

  • Physically: Physical Education three times per week, daily recess for all grades
  • Intellectually: Challenging core classes like math, science, language arts, social studies, and world languages push students to think, ask questions, and find the answers—not just memorize them
  • Socially & Emotionally: A warm and supportive environment with teachers who intimately know their students, child-to-child mentoring, a school counselor, a learning support center, welcoming students, and much more
  • Artistically: Visual art, music, library classes, and hands-on classroom projects where students not only learn, but create their own beautiful works

Research shows that 6th graders do better in Y5-8 schools like Emerson, compared to 6-8 or 6-12 schools. Students feel safer and a greater sense of belonging, and there is less bullying and fighting.

At Emerson, 6th graders are amongst our upperclassmen—the “top dogs.” Leadership opportunities exist that wouldn’t at other schools, and students mature at an appropriate pace with less pressure to fit in with a high school crowd.

Our younger students benefit from this Y5-8 environment too, with “big brother” and “big sister” mentors, reading buddies, and many other opportunities throughout the year.