Board of Trustees

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As a non-profit school, Emerson is guided by a Board of Trustees that honors our school’s past while providing direction for its future. It is a diverse group, and each trustee brings a unique set of personal and professional skills.

All board members serve on one or more committees, including Executive, Alumni, Buildings & Grounds, Diversity, Finance, Development, and Marketing. These committees are a great way for parents to become involved in our school’s leadership. For any general inquires, request for information, or to express an interest in serving on the Board of Trustees or on any one of our committees, please email the Board of Trustees at

Emerson is a proud member of NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) and follows its principles of good practice with regard to trusteeship and board responsibilities.

Committees of the Emerson Board of Trustees – 2022-2023


  • The Executive Committee is comprised of the Board of Trustees’ (Board) officers, specifically the Board’s Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. It may also include, if mutually agreed upon, the immediate Past Chair if that person is also a Trustee.
  • Exercise all the powers of the Board between meetings of the Board in accordance with applicable law.
  • Set the Board policy agenda, coordinating committee agendas, and the agenda for the Board.
  • Assist the Head of School (Head) as sounding board and counsel.
  • Oversee the Head’s evaluation and compensation processes.
  • Oversee the work of the Board secretary in the compilation and approval of the Board and committee minutes, the maintaining of the bylaws, the advance notice of the meetings, and the updating of the Board Policy Book.
  • Review the compensation recommendations by the Head for the major administration of the school.
  • Form ad hoc committees on an as-needed basis.

The Executive Committee is chaired by Board Chair, Diana Rooks



  • Ensure the long-term financial health of the school.
  • Review and approve the proposed annual budget (typically twice per year – the next year’s preliminary budget in the winter and the final budget in the fall) prior to presentation to the full Board.
  • Review budget requests, analyze projections and initial budget drafts prepared by the staff, and recommend priorities for future expenditures for the annual budget and for the capital budget.
  • Review the quarterly fund statements and balance sheets and advise the Board of significant deviations from the approved budget.
  • Create and review investment policies, practices, objectives, and performance.
  • Periodically review employee benefit plans, school insurance coverage, and the office procedures as they relate to finances.
  • Advise the staff on the frequency, format, and the content of the reports to the Board and the school community on the financial status of the school.
  • Review government support programs for applicability to the school and the wisdom of the participation by the school.
  • Consider and investigate possibilities for alternative revenue streams.
  • Review, analyze, and obtain proper financing resources if needed for any new capital campaign building projects.
  • Monitor the integrity of the school’s financial reporting process and the systems of internal control regarding finance and accounting.
  • Monitor the school’s major business and operational risks.
  • Monitor the selection and performance of the school’s independent auditors.
  • Review and approve IRS Form 990 for annual submission.

The Finance Committee is chaired by Cindy Woo



  • Establish, encourage, and review school and administrative practices and policies that reflect a long-range commitment to diversity.
  • Support and encourage increased diversity in student enrollment, faculty, administration, the Board, and school committees.
  • Help the school create a diverse learning environment that will best prepare students to thrive in a multicultural and interconnected society.
  • Help to create a diverse educational community within which each member feels respected and supported.

The Diversity Committee is chaired by Luis Del Rio



  • Sets and implements the school’s fundraising goals and assist in the administration of activities aimed at fulfilling those goals.
  • Orchestrates the trustees’ leadership and participation in the fund-raising programs.
  • Establishes leadership for the periodic capital campaigns of the school.
  • Ensures appropriate parent, past parent, and alumni communications and programs to facilitate continuing cultivation of the friends and patrons of the school.
  • Ensures that the development office of the school maintains accurate and secure giving records and that appropriate acknowledgement and recognition for gifts are offered.
  • Reviews admissions policies and standards, financial aid policies, marketing literature, master calendar for school promotion, and strategies for recruitment of students to the school and the ongoing cultivation of their families.
  • Encourages and oversees communications programs, literature, and outreach.
  • Monitors and facilitates periodic brand assessments and research studies as needed (recommended every 5-7 years).

The Advancement Committee is chaired by Charles Scrase



  • Oversees the growth and development of the school’s plant and grounds, including determining how assets are allocated to both maintain and enhance the school’s physical plant.
  • Oversees and stewards the development and implementation of a master plan for the campus, advising the Board on the selection of architects, on-site managers and general contractors.
  • Reviews and recommends all major capital items not included in annual operating budget, replacement and renewal budget and timetables, the scheduling for systematic replacement of all capitalized and depreciable property, and the expenditure of any funds from the building reserve and equipment replacement funds.

The Building and Grounds Committee is chaired by Kemba Braynon



  • Evaluates and mitigates all forms of risk for the school, including but not limited to operational, health, safety, and legal.
  • Develops and implements risk mitigation policies and practices along with school administration.

The Risk Committee is chaired by Board Chair, Diana Rooks



  • Oversees the Board’s processes, including adherence to By-Laws.
  • Responsible for succession planning, trustee identification, recruitment, cultivation, and selection.
  • Coordinates and oversees Board education including new trustee orientation.
  • Responsible for Board assessment.

The Governance Committee is chaired by Patty Petrowski


The 2022-2023 Emerson School Board of Trustees

Kemba Braynon
Kemba Braynon
Secretary of the Board
Andi Buchi
Andi Buchi
Parent of Current Student
Luis Del Rio
Luis Del Rio
Parent of Current Student and Alumni Parent
François Gagnon
François Gagnon
Parent of Current Student
MeiLan Han
MeiLan Han
Parent of Current Student
Vic Khanna
Vic Khanna
Parent of Current Student
Dave McDowell
Dave McDowell
Jennifer Nemecek
Jennifer Nemecek
Alumni Parent
Patty Petrowski
Patty Petrowski
Parent of Current Students
Diana Rooks
Diana Rooks
Chair of the Board
Charles Scrase
Charles Scrase
Vice Chair of the Board
Cindy Woo
Cindy Woo
Treasurer of the Board