After School Program

Students can play, run off energy, read quietly in the Library, grab a snack, hang with friends, or start on homework before and after school at Emerson. It’s available daily and students can simply drop in—no need to pre-register or pre-pay.

Your child’s well-being is paramount to our caring and dedicated staff. The After School Program is fully licensed by the State of Michigan Department of Human Services and follows all of its rules and guidelines.

+ 2021-2022 After School Program Parent Guide

+ After School Program FAQs

For any additional questions, please contact our Director of Summer and Auxiliary Programs Director, Carly Meloche at or call 734-660-5108.


Lower School
Children in the Morning Child Care program have the option of reading, drawing, coloring, doing homework, hanging out with friends, or playing games in the library or gym.  A movie will occasionally be shown on Friday mornings.  Morning Child Care meets in the Library and is supervised by three adults a day, including Emerson teachers  Sam Heidtke and Lenny Dale, as well as After School Staff Members.  All students in the building prior to 8:15am must sign in to Morning Child Care and will be billed at the rate of $6 per day at the end of each month.

Middle School
Morning Child Care is not offered for Middle School students.  The building opens at 7:30am and when Middle School students enter the building, they are welcome to stay in the Middle School hallway preparing for the day.


After school dismisses, students who are staying after school sign into our program in the library or MS Room 219.  We provide a snack each day and outside play time.  All students must be signed out by an adult with a PIN when they are picked up.

Lower School
Children in the After School Program sign in on the steps of the library and then head outside for a snack each day.  The library serves as the main meeting place for all grades and on a daily basis includes: games, crafts, activities, as well as ample opportunity for creative and self-directed play. Students also spend time outdoors each day, right after signing in.  A supervised, quiet space for homework and studying is available daily and students have the opportunity to spend up to 30 minutes in a supervised computer lab.

Middle School
Middle School students report to Middle School Room 219 to sign in to the After School Program.  Good homework habits are encouraged and a supervised homework room is available in the Middle School. Students will have supervised free time that they may use for activities inside or out on the playground.  Middle School students have the added privilege of using their devices after school as long as it remains school-appropriate.  From 3:15-4:30p each day, students put up their cell phones in the clear hanging racks on the classroom door. This way, they can socialize with their peers face to face or work on homework, yet still be available if their parent needs to contact him/her.   At 3:00pm, students who are not picked up curbside must check in to the After School Program.  If students stay after for a practice or activity and are not picked up promptly at the end, they must sign in with us and will be charged for the time spent.

Middle School parents can park in the end (easternmost) parking lot and text our staff to send their child outside.  Staff members will verify that you’re parked just outside the locked end doors and send your child out to your car.  The direct MS line for text pick up only: 734-386-0277.