Alumni and Parent Experiences

The real impact of an Emerson education is best told by the students and parents who have made this school their home. Their unique perspective comes from venturing off to high schools and colleges feeling prepared and differentiated from their peers, or from experiences in other school environments that couldn’t allow their child to thrive.

“…I don’t want to say the rigor, because I didn’t feel like I was being rigorously pushed to excel at Emerson—it felt like it was being coaxed out of me. And that forever impacted my outlook on education.” — Miles Grofsorean, Emerson alum


“I don’t think I’d be anywhere near where I am now if I didn’t go to Emerson. The foundation that this school built in my heart and in my brain is something that I’ll never lose. It’ll always be a part of me, and a huge part at that.”  — Orly Rubinfeld, Emerson alum


“Sometimes students lose their spark for learning, and that was happening with my son. And when he came here it was reignited.” — Kristen Boyle-Heimann, alumni parent


“When I came to Emerson, I came to this really warm and nurturing environment, where people really wanted to see me grow, and achieve, and survive, and really just soar.” — Michael Thomas, Emerson alum