Equity at and Belonging at Emerson

Equity & Social Justice Commitment

As we become effective advocates for positive change, we foster growing minds with compassion and encourage resilience. We cherish individual identities. We actively challenge stereotypes and bias. We encourage discussion and inquiry about our world while we teach to dismantle the systems that perpetuate injustice.

Emerson School honors the dignity of all people through our commitment to diversity, inclusivity, equity, and social justice.



September 2022

All teachers at Emerson receive regular support and training to strengthen their ability to be fully inclusive and to teach about diversity, equity and justice. During September all students will have the experience of learning more about themselves, their identities and their own individuality. This will be taught in the context of hearing about the identities of their classmates, and learning how to be inclusive and welcoming. All students should know that they are welcome and that they belong.

This video provides a 4 minute summary of our goals for September teaching.

If you have further questions about teaching DEIJ at Emerson & our equity & justice commitment, please contact our Equity Coordinator, Carol Kelly at ckelly@emerson-school.org.