Is Emerson a good fit for your child?

Emerson provides a challenging and supportive environment for bright and for academically talented students. Take a look at the questions below. If you answer “yes” to a majority of these questions about your child, there is a strong possibility that Emerson might be a good fit for your child and we would strongly encourage you to fill out our inquiry form here.

  • Does your child have a well-developed vocabulary for their age?
  • Is your child often (or extremely) curious about the world around them?
  • Has your child displayed exceptional cognitive, social, artistic, emotional, musical, or other skills?
  • Does your child enjoy solving problems?
  • Is your child easily bored with routine tasks and rote memorization?
  • Is your child an independent thinker who questions the status quo (or the way things work)?
  • Is learning something new a source of joy and fulfillment for your child?
  • Have you observed your child displaying original, flexible thinking?
  • Does your child develop a deep understanding of topics they’re interested in?
  • Does your child have a vivid imagination?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Admissions Director Lisa Psarouthakis at 734-665-5662, x303, or