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Used Book Sale Shares Books, Raises Hundreds for Charity

Used Book Sale 2014By Linda Lakshminarayanan, Emerson School Librarian

This year’s used book sale was another great success. We collected $390.84 from our sales. Of this, $130.00 was sent to Reading Rainbow and the Kickstarter fund established by LaVar Burton, which aims to get new episodes of the popular show back on TV to encourage more young readers. The remainder was given to 826Michigan right here in Ann Arbor, where students of all ages can go for tutoring and writing classes.

The money is great, but the best part of the book sale is watching kids deliberate over how to spend their dimes and quarters on books for themselves, and sometimes very interesting choices for their parents. One young man said, very seriously, that he was very glad for the opportunity to practice shopping skills, “especially making change.”

Thank you to Mary Kay Stevanus, Hanna Song, Melanie Zwegers, Michelle Tuplin, Sigrid Bower, Jan Walker, and the many others who helped with the sale from set-up to pack-up. Thank you to Lori and Faith Pearson for taking and donating the best of the unsold books to Safe House. And thank you to everyone who donated books or shopped at the sale. It takes the community to make it all work so beautifully.