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Track Team Earns 1st Place at Meet

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Congratulations to all of the students on the Emerson track team, who earned a big first place victory at the Greenhills Track Meet on April 26, 2017! The camaraderie and support you showed each other was equally impressive!
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3200M Run:
1st Place – Anthony Van Oyen

200M Relay (Girls):
1st Place – Emerson School

800M Run(Girls/Boys):
1st Place – Luka Hecht
1st Place – Marin Heusel
2nd Place – Emily Cooper
3rd Place – Andreanna Ulery
3rd Place – David Benkes-Toth

1600M Run (Girls/Boys):
1st Place – Lacy Cooper
2nd Place – Shailan Chugh
3rd Place – Anthony Van Oyen
5th Place – William Collin
6th Place – Diego Del Rio

100M Dash:
2nd Place – Aly Pacifico

400M Dash:
1st Place – Luka Hecht
3rd Place Shailan Chugh

800M Relay:
1st Place – Emerson School (Boys)

70yd Dash (Girls/Boys):
2nd Place – Kit Belovin
3rd Place – Josh Moss

200M Dash (Girls):
2nd Place – Abby Pacifico
3rd Place – Esme Cohen

400M Relay (Girls/Boys):
1st Place – Emerson School
1st Place – Emerson School

Long Jump (Girls/Boys):
1st Place – Gabby Pacifico 11’10”
1st Place – Luka Hecht 12’9″
2nd Place – Lydia Hall
2nd Place Ben Faulkner 14’8″

Shot Put:
2nd Place – Meredith Gilbert ‘767

Total Meet Placement:
1st Place – Emerson School (Boys) 120pts
1st Place – Emerson School (Girls) 108pts