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Soccer Update by Coach Lenny – Oct. 4

SEASON RECORD: 5 wins, 0 losses, 1 tie

Oct. 1, 2013 vs. Ann Arbor Christian (9-1 win)
The Emerson Middle School soccer team paid a visit to Ann Arbor Christian on Tuesday and came away with their fifth win of the season. Again playing with a reduced roster of defenders, the Eagles put together a scrappy back wall of 6th and 7th graders that kept AACS off the scoreboard until the last minute of the game.  In the 50-plus minutes before that Emerson put 9 shots in the AACS net, and had a few more deflect off the goal post.

Jared Kehn was the first to have a shot bounce away off the crossbar, but still earned a hat-trick with his and the games first goal coming on a beautiful cross into the box from Henry Branch, which Jared put in on the volley.  Thomas Halloran also tallied three goals, while Biruk Tewodros got two of his own in the second half.  Will Downey was the other Emerson scorer, putting in a back-heel shot on the rebound after the AACS keeper had turned away Will’s  header.

Oct. 3, 2013 vs. Spiritus Sanctus (3-3 draw)

The Emerson Middle School soccer team traveled to Plymouth Thursday afternoon, to take on Spiritus Sanctus.  Playing with none of their 8th graders and only about half their 7th graders, the youngsters faced an older and very physical opponent.  By the end of the day the Eagles were battered and bruised and exhausted, having battled to a 3-3 draw.

Henry Branch scored on a long shot from his right attack position and Biruk Tewodros split the defense to score from center mid, both in the first half.  Spiritus Sanctus tied the game just before the half on the strength of their center forward, who scored all 3 of their goals on the day.

Lindsey Barba scored early in the second half, on a nice run down the left side, but Spiritus Sanctus tied it up a short time later, and after that it was a struggle to see if either team could break the deadlock.  Both goalies were strong throughout, and neither faltered during 20 pressured filled final minutes.  Brenan Dionne had his best game in goal, stopping numerous chances.  Alex Dontu played a particularly gutsy game, overcoming chops and hacks that left him limping for most of the second half.  Mara Mueting impressed everyone with her skill and nerve, taking on and usually besting opponents twice her size.  That sort of play bodes well for the second half of the season.

While the draw lays to rest the possibility of a ‘perfect’ season, it was a great game for the kids and should give them confidence in their ability to ovecome a tough situation.