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Soccer: Emerson Starts Off On the Right Foot

Written by Coach Lenny Dale

The Emerson Middle School Soccer Club opened the 2015 season on the road, traveling to Plymouth Spiritus Sanctus Thursday. The Eagles are three-time defending AAIAA champs, and look like they’ll contend again this year.

Dominating play from the opening touch, the kids peppered the Plymouth goal with shots, though the keeper was able to keep the ball out of the net for the first half dozen or so. In the 8th minute, Gabe Kellman broke through, splitting the defense up the middle and beating the keeper low to the left side. The rout was on. A minute later, Chris Chuparkoff made it 2-0, and a minute after that it was Gabe again for a early and commanding 3-0 lead. Things settled a bit, in terms of scoring, after that, though the Eagles maintained almost total control of the field. Eliott Beck tallied in the 21st minute, and Chris closed the half with 2 quick goals in succession, earning a hat trick for himself and a 6-0 lead for the team at the break.

The ball entered the Emerson 18-yard box once, on a pass back to goalkeeper Casey Lewis. The second half was more of the same. Gabe Seir, Kieran Heung and Henry Branch scored for the Eagles, Emerson went into ‘keep-away’ mode, the ball never entered the 18-yard box, and the team went home with a 9-0 victory.

Emerson travels to Steiner School Tuesday for their next match.