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“Race to Nowhere” Starts a Conversation

On January 12 the Emerson School Parent Organization screened “Race to Nowhere,” a film documentary that examines the pressure cooker lives of American adolescents.  The 2010 documentary by parent and first-time filmmaker, Vicki Abeles, voices concerns about parental pressure, unrealistic performance standards, teach-to-the-test curricula, and competitive college entrance requirements.

“Race to Nowhere” has started a conversation.  Parents and educators across the country are grappling with the issues around our over-stressed, over-scheduled young people.

Head of School Jerry Loewen, describes reaction at Emerson. “Within the building, we are engrossed in conversations about the film and its connections to our own children, our students, and to Emerson’s curriculum and pedagogy… We look forward to sharing our ideas at our next meeting together.  Stay tuned on this front.”

Special appreciation to ESPO for sponsoring this important film.