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Monarch-y at Emerson

Ann Arbor¬†– All eyes were on the Monarch butterflies as Sue Addy’s fifth graders observed them one last time before releasing them into the wild.

Named¬†Danaus plexippus, meaning “sleepy transformation” in Greek, the Monarchs have changed from caterpillar to chrysalis to adult under the watchful study of the class.

The students are a part of Monarch Watch, a hands-on project spearheaded by the University of Kansas Entomology Program. They tag each butterfly’s hindwing with an encrypted message on a tiny sticker and send data to Monarch Watch. Monarch migration is tracked on a scaled map in the classroom.

Monarchs migrate to Mexico, a journey of almost 2,000 miles. These particular winged beauties carry the best wishes of Emerson’s fifth graders