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Magnifique Performance by Students in National French Contest

Congratulations to the following French World Language students for their performance on the National French Contest!

Platinum Award Recipient (Highest score in level/division—National rank 1)

  • Shailen Chugh (8th grade)

Gold Award Recipient (Students in 95th percentile)

  • Arvid Jonsson (7th grade)

Silver Award Recipients (Students in 90th or 85th percentile)

  • Kit Bellovin (7)
  • Samuel Bechar (8)
  • Lacey Cooper (8)
  • Aly Pacifico (8)

Bronze Award Recipient (Students in 80th or 75th percentile)

  • Peyton Feeney (7)

Mention d’honneur Recipients (Students in 70th, 65th, 60th, 55th, or 50th percentiles)

  • Ariana Levin (7)
  • Nina Gardner (7)
  • Cate Weiser (7)
  • David Benkes-Toth (8)
  • Gabby Pacifico (8)