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I AM LUCKY – A Class Essay by 5th Grader Drew Sachs

To be lucky, you actually have to be lucky. You can’t just say you’re lucky with something that you really aren’t. The lucky thing that I am going to talk about makes me very happy. It is that I am at a great school that teaches me fantastic things and makes me MUCH smarter. My favorite thing to learn more about is definitely math. You can do so many things with math. You can talk about it, figure out problems, play math games, and so much more. Another thing that I like learning is U.S. history. I learned a lot more about the Civil Rights Movement and how tough it was for blacks. My favorite thing in U.S. history is the Civil War. I’m still learning about it, but I’ve already learned so much about the great Civil War. Abraham Lincoln is my favorite President of all time. Emerson School is amazing and smart and will change my life.