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Historical Figures Seek Employment

Head of School, Jerry Loewen, studied the curricula vitae and then looked up across his desk.  “Impressive resume,” he said.  “How does your experience qualify you for this particular position?”  Henry Ford, interviewing for a modern-day job, formed his reply with facts and poise.  Another interesting day of history at Emerson!

The 7th graders recently completed the Emerging Americaproject in which each student researched a 20th century historical figure.  Taking learning to a deeper level, over the course of weeks the students “became” their historical figure, striving to understand the work, beliefs, and impact of this singular person.

The final stage of the project was the job search.  The students (as Mohandas Gandhi, John D. Rockefeller, Coco Chanel, Al Capone, among others) prepared with cover letters, resumes, and appropriate dress.  They sat before school administrators and put their best historical selves forward.

History with a modern-day twist!