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Gabi Levy’s Poetic Commencement Speech

2013_07_16 Gabi Levy Art Fair BoothBy Gabi Levy, Graduating 8th Grade Student

Good morning ladies, gentleman, and anxious students…
Although this end is bittersweet
These are the terms we’ve come to greet.

But I love you, Emerson
With my heart, brain, and soul
And I shall present to you, the audience,
With one complex goal:
Keep living
Keep breathing
Keep your wings in the air
Throw your hands up as if you simply don’t care
Keep learning
Keep teaching
Keep doing what you do
The future is luminous
Don’t forget your shampoo
As you travel the world
And the great undefined
But don’t hesitate
To keep one thing in mind ––
Everyone starts somewhere
Know matter how small
And the cliches I’m using
Shouldn’t matter at all
Because you get the gist, the pith, and the point;
Wherever you go, you won’t disappoint
So start packing your stuff
Start making a list
Start assessing your dreams
No opportunity can be missed!
And speaking of lists
I have one of my own
A typical roster of people
Whom I’d like to thank
Most of whom
Have the upmost “swank”
First is my family
For supporting my successes
And then there’s my best friends
I mean, just look at them in their pretty dresses
And my other classmates
Get kudos as well
Let’s move on to the staff and faculty
…I better not dwell
Although I will not name each individual one
I will confess ––
Without them school would be no fun
They’ve taught me that life is more than pages 1 to 10,
And they’ve equipped me for the moment when
I go out and do something
And make a slight difference…
Although in the end
All we truly need is
A cheer, a boost, or a friend
Because life is but a game
And I know I will score
Since I have the values of Emerson
Right here, in my core