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Family Newsletter – Sep. 8, 2016

An EPIC Day in the Middle School

Emerson. Perseverance. Integrity. Compassion.

A two-day EPIC Adventure kicked off in the Middle School today. Challenging activities and community service projects are bringing students together and teaching them what it means to be a middle school student at Emerson.
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Letter from the Head of School

Dear Parents,

John Huber ProfileWelcome back! It’s such a joy to begin the new school year, as we celebrate Emerson’s 43rd year of operations

My first question – how did you do you on your summer homework? (I’m guessing that there may be a few panicked gasps of, “What summer homework?“) Back in June, I assigned a list of 10 summer activities, and encouraged everyone (students and families alike) to complete at least 7 of the activities. So in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll grade myself:

Completed: (6 points +2 bonus points)

  • Make breakfast for everyone in the house. Extra points for cooking from scratch. I made waffles for the family, from scratch. Separating the egg whites is crucial for fluffy waffles!
  • Do something kind for your neighbor. We provided them with produce from our garden and tended their yards while they were away on vacation.
  • Attend an outdoor music concert. Mo Pop Festival 2016. Matt & Kim were wildly entertaining!
  • Ride a bicycle. Extra points for riding farther in one trip than you ever have before. AABTS One Helluva Ride, metric century.
  • Build something useful. I built a few garden beds for plants and flowers.
  • Care for an outdoor plant, and keep it alive for the entire summer. I tended a small vegetable garden of tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, peas, and herbs.

Not completed: (4 points)

  • Climb a tree.
  • Go “screen-free” for longer than 24 hours straight. This means no TVs, phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • Visit your local library, check out a book, and read it from start to finish.
  • Discover a new favorite healthful food. Candy and sweets do not count.

So here’s a little secret: it’s not too late to complete this “summer” homework! And while I wouldn’t recommend an outdoor music concert in January, you can complete most of these activities at any point this school year.

I particularly encourage all of us to try to achieve more “screen-free” time this coming year. I received an important reminder of this from Screenagers, the documentary we showed this past month. The more we as parents interrupt our evenings with laptops and phones, the more we demonstrate attention to screens as a positive behavior.

So, what are your new goals for the new school year?

Have a most joyful start to school,

John Huber

All School News and Info

Last Chance to Order Lunches and Milk

Friday, Sept. 9 is Final Day to Order

Tomorrow is the final day to place all lunch and milk orders—all optional. Pizza lunch is ESPO’s biggest fundraiser for the school, and wildly popular with students.

Ordering Pizza Lunch and Milk
Please place your orders in RenWeb for Friday Pizza Lunch and/or Washtenaw Dairy milk for lunch. Here’s how to order:

  1. Log into RenWeb (Parent Login button on top right of
  2. Click Student Information tab on left
  3. Click “Lunch”
  4. Click “Create Web Order” and make your selections for each student
    • For milk, click “Lunch Items for Thursday” for options
    • For Pizza Lunch, click “Lunch Items for Friday” for options
  5. Click “Submit Order” to complete your order

Ordering Lunches From What’s Cooking!
Hot lunches are available from What’s Cooking!, which will be delivered to students Monday to Thursday (with some exceptions).
+ See ordering instructions at

No yearbook orders at this time. Look for more information on ordering yearbooks in January, which will include color pages, new design, and custom pages.

Lunch Orders Starting Soon

  • Milk begins Monday, Sept. 12
  • What’s Cooking! hot lunch begins Monday, Sept. 19
  • Pizza lunch begins Friday, Sept. 16

Lower School Curriculum Night

Sep. 22, 6:30pm – 7:50pm, Students Attend

Curriculum night will have a combination of teacher presentations and the opportunity for students to take the lead and sharing their daily experiences. You will spend time together with your child in homeroom classrooms, tour specials classes, and see student work on display in the hallways. More info will be forthcoming.

ESPO Pizza Lunch Needs Volunteers

Fridays Throughout the Year

Please sign up to help with an ESPO Pizza Lunch on a Friday! It’s fun, easy, and a very small time commitment. Choose a Friday that works for you—opportunities are available throughout the year—and enjoy the smile on your child’s face when they see you helping out at school!
+ Sign up to volunteer

Health and Safety Reminder: Allergies

Whenever possible, please avoid bringing in known allergens to school, particularly if they can be easily avoided. For example, we have a number of community members with allergies to air fresheners and perfumes, and we kindly ask that these not be brought in to school.

Back-to-School Picnic

Sunday, Sept. 11, 4:30pm – 7:00pm at Emerson

Please join us for the annual Back-to-School picnic, hosted by ESPO (Emerson School Parent Organization). There will be food, games for the kids, and a chance to mingle with old and new friends. Email with any questions.


Coffee with the Head of School Dates

By Grade, 7:30am–9:30am on the Dates Below

Parents are invited to start the school year with a cup of coffee and candid conversation with Head of School John Huber. It’s a great opportunity to meet John, and to share whatever is on your mind—the good and the bad.

To accommodate working parents, these coffees will begin at 7:30am (complimentary childcare available, reservations required). Come early and leave by 8:30am, or arrive at the normal school start time and stay through 9:30am.

  • 8th Grade: September 16
  • 7th Grade: September 23
  • 6th Grade: September 29
  • 5th Grade: October 7
  • 4th Grade: October 21
  • 3rd Grade: October 27
  • 2nd Grade: November 11
  • 1st Grade: November 18
  • Kindergarten: November 21

New After School Classes Available

New Math Classes, Music Lessons

There is still time to sign up for after school enrichment classes and music lessons, which begin the week of September 19.
+ Fall Enrichment Classes (new additions)
+ Fall Music Lesson

First ESPO Meeting Coming Up

Tuesday, Sep. 20, 8:30am in the AIC Presentation Space

Join other parents at the first Emerson School Parent Organization meeting of the year. You’ll hear an update from Head of School John Huber and have an opportunity to be involved in the events, activities, and initiatives spearheaded by ESPO—all benefitting your students. New this year, parents are asked to please bring their own beverages in lid-covered containers, as refreshments will not be provided.

Medication: Return Forms and Drop Off

Required if Students Regularly Take Meds at School

If your student takes any prescription or non-prescription (over-the-counter) medications, please return the appropriate form linked below to the office with their medication. All medications must be stored in the office and can only be administered under the supervision of faculty or staff.
+ Prescription Medication Form
+ Non-Prescription Medication Form

Bus Riders Must Register

Register if Your Student Will Ride the AAPS Bus

Due to changes in the AAPS bell times, Emerson’s bus routes have been substantially cut. Only one morning and one afternoon stop will be available. If your child will ride the bus, you must complete the contact information form below and on the Emerson Website, and they must ride on a regular basis.
+ Register at

Emerson Bus Schedule

  • Morning Bus (#104) – Departs at 7:15am from Bach School (600 W Jefferson St, Ann Arbor) with pick-up on 5th Street side of the school, arriving at Emerson at 7:30am (Childcare will be provided to bus riders).
  • Afternoon Bus (#55) – Departs from Emerson at 3:10pm with drop off at Burns Park Elementary (1414 Wells St, Ann Arbor) at 3:30pm (Childcare will be provided while waiting for bus).

We are trying to add a second afternoon drop off but they are unable to accommodate us at this time. Please contact Durham Bus Services directly if this impacts your child getting to Emerson on time (Durham Bus Service 734-994-2330). 

Carpooling is Available at Emerson

Opt In to Participate in the Carpool Map

Find families who live nearby and are interested in carpooling. Only families who voluntarily opt in to participate are visible on the map, and only those who participate can view it. Of course, you can also opt out at any time.
+ Participate in the Carpool Map

Sports Physicals for Grades 4-8

Required to Play on an Emerson Sports Team

Please return your child’s sports physical to the office if they plan on playing on an Emerson sports team. Students will not be allowed to participate in team practices or games until these are received. Please email yours to Joan Gregorka, or drop them off in the Lower School office ASAP.

Most Likely to Succeed Screening

Wednesday, Sept. 14, 6:30pm in the AIC at Emerson

How do we best prepare our students for their future? The award-winning documentary Most Likely to Succeed explores this question, and you’re invited to join fellow parents, educators, and community members for a special screening at Emerson.

MLTS looks at the impact of learning environments, building on passion and expertise, giving students a voice, and leveraging partnerships with parents and school community. This film reaffirms some of the great things we are doing in our schools, and raises questions about what else can be done to provide our students with the best education.

Get MLTS tickets

Family-Friendly Open Mic Nights

6:00pm on the Wednesdays Listed Below

A stage for students, parents, and teachers to perform—not compete—and share their talents and passions. Sing, play, read, dance, joke, act, etc. in front of a laid-back and supportive audience of families from schools throughout the greater-Ann Arbor area.

  • Sep. 21, 2016
  • Nov. 30, 2016
  • Jan. 25, 2017
  • Mar. 22, 2017
  • May 31, 2017

Sign up to perform

Pick-Up and Drop-Off 101

A Curbside How-To Guide for Families

If you’ve never picked up or dropped off a child at Emerson, or if you just need a refresher, this video will give you an overview of the process and etiquette.
+ Watch the video

Middle School News and Info

Elective Add/Drop Deadline is Sept. 14

The last day for Middle School students to complete an Add/Drop request is Wednesday, September 14. Students should visit Beth Muszkiewicz in the Middle School Office if they are interested in changing their schedule.

Middle School Book Orders

Free Shipping Aug. 22–24

If you have not already ordered your books, please do so using the link below. MBS Direct is offering free shipping on orders over $99 Aug. 22–24.
+ Order Middle School books online