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Family Newsletter – Oct. 13, 2016

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October 13


Learning the Art of Tap Dance with the UMS

These 4th graders experienced the movement, sound, and energy a tap dancer makes during a special UMS workshop—a prelude to seeing Dorrance Dance! at UMS—led by the brilliant Susan Filipiak and Emerson alumna Jenny Herzog. Thank you UMS!
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Letter from the Head of School

Paper or Plastic?

Dear parents,

John Huber ProfileIt seems like forever since I’ve heard this question at the checkout at the grocery store. And yet this question popped into my head during a recent discussion about how we as a school communicate with our parents.

Our discussion centered around our Family Directory, the list of parent addresses, phone numbers, and emails we print every year and provide for each family. (As an aside, your copy of the Family Directory will be arriving early next week.) Going forward, should we continue to make print copies?

In our ongoing effort to reduce waste and add convenience, the school has already made many transitions from print to digital—such as this very e-newsletter. However, we know that some prefer print materials that don’t rely on phones that lose their charge and internet connections that may drop.

So, before we contemplate a switch for next year, we thought we’d take a straw poll (digitally, of course).

Family Directory – Paper or Digital?

I thank you for your feedback on this. While it is a small question, in the greater scope of our work it helps to inform us as to how best to support you.

– John Huber

All School News and Info

No School Tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 14

Childcare Available (Registration is Required)

  • Full day child care is available from 8:00am – 3:00pm at $55/day.
  • After care is available from 3:00pm – 6:00pm at $6/hour.
  • Hourly child care during conferences is available at $10/hour. Reservations required.
  • All students in the building must sign into the after care program in the library while parents attend conferences.
  • Send your child with a lunch if he/she will be with us from 12:00pm – 12:30pm.

+ Contact Carly Meloche to register or ask questions

Volunteers + Time + Talent = Emerson’s Most Fabulous Party!

Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 8:30am in MS Conf. Room 212

Please join us! Planning is underway for the annual Auction (Friday, March 10, 2017). At the Auction Kick-off meeting meet other parents and  learn how you can volunteer and share your talents, whether in a leadership or committee role, or with fun one-day tasks. Please contact Lorna Hildebrandt ( or 734-665-5662, ext. 306) to let her know if you can attend, or if you’re interested but not able make the meeting. Light refreshments will be served. We’d be thrilled if you just showed up too!
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First Kaleidoscope Meeting Next Week

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 3:15–4:30, Monthly Thereafter

Kaleidoscope allows Emerson students who self-identify as children of color to come together to reflect upon, feel empowered by, and be validated in their identity. Friends and those curious about this group, whether or not they identify themselves as someone of color, are welcome to join. The first monthly meeting of the year is next Wednesday, October 19 from 3:15-4:30pm. A snack will be offered at each meeting followed by an opening welcome with questions and discussions. Hands-on activities will be planned for participation at each session with a time for reflection, sharing, and closing. Led by Linda and Jennifer Tanau, this class is free and meets in the Art Room.
+ RSVP by emailing Rose Hacker

Sports Update

Admissions Tour and Info Event

Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 9:00am

If you know of a family who is considering Emerson—or should be—please invite them to this laid-back group tour, where they will see our K-8 classrooms in action, meet faculty and staff, and talk with parents about what makes Emerson such a special place to learn.
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Volunteers Needed for Halloween Carnival

Sign up early to secure your preferred spot

Halloween is quickly approaching and plans are underway for our ESPO Halloween Carnival on Friday, Oct. 28! This is such a fun event for the kids (and adults), but we need lots of help. There are many ways to help—donating items, spending time helping decorate, and helping on the day of the carnival.
+ Contact Christine Kim with questions
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Wanted: Your Junk – A Child’s Treasure

Linda’s Library Contest Will Use Small Toys as Prizes

Each day before and after school, the library has many children do Linda’s contest, which matches her jewelry to events of the day. Each child who enters wins a small prize which was donated by someone like you. Please bring your unwanted toys (e.g. fast food toys, goodie bag toys, things your child has outgrown) to Linda, and she will ensure it makes a child very happy.

Please Be Considerate Drivers

Pick-up and drop-off are busy and often tense times for parents. But even if your student is running late for school, or you have an appointment, or you just want to get through the line-up as quickly as possible, please show your respect and consideration for all parents by following the curbside etiquette.
+ Pick-Up and Drop-Off 101: Rules and Etiquette 

Science Fair Moved to Jan. 26

Scientists and Enthusiasts Needed for ‘Astrofest’

The Emerson Science Department is pleased to announce that we will be presenting a science fair of incredible, astronomical proportions—a virtual, universal festival of Space—something we call… ASTROFEST 2017!

In order to offer the Emerson community unique astronomy experiences and out-of-this-world information, we are looking for scientists and enthusiasts who would be willing to present their space expertise, passions, and materials/resources the evening of January 26th. Please contact Kelly Vohland ( if you are interested.


Study Finds 6th Graders Do Best in K-8 Schools

Less Bullying and Fighting, More Safety and Belonging

Sixth graders do best in K-8 schools where they’re the upperclassmen—the leaders and “top dogs.” That’s according to a massive study of more than 90,000 students in 500 schools.

According to the study published in the American Educational Research Journal, “This paper provides the first credibly causal evidence that top dog status improves the learning environment and academic achievement. We further find that the top dog effect is strongest in 6th grade and in schools with longer grade spans and that the top dog effect is not explained by new students to a school or student height.”
+ Read the full story on NPR
+ Read the study in the American Educational Research Journal

Emerson Community Event: Being Bigger Than Your Triggers – Annie Zirkel

RESCHEDULED: Wednesday, Nov. 9, 7:00pm

Local relationship consultant, Annie Zirkel, will present to current and future middle school families about the impact that triggers can have on students and adults. She will discuss the physiological impact of being triggered, the neuroscience behind the triggered brain, and how we can support students when they are triggered. We may even learn more about how we can support ourselves when we are triggered. Please visit Annie Zirkel’s website for more information on this session (

33 Families Added to Carpool Map

Check to See Changes, Join in Carpool

Families continue to join the carpool map—33 new families to date. If you already participate in the carpool map, you may want to check to see if there are other families near you. If you don’t participate, please consider joining to free up time, be good stewards of the environment, meet others in our community, and to help relieve transportation challenges for other Emerson families.
+ Participate in the Carpool Map

Coffee with the Head of School Dates

By Grade, 7:30am–9:30am on the Dates Below

Parents are invited to start the school year with a cup of coffee and candid conversation with Head of School John Huber. It’s a great opportunity to meet John, and to share whatever is on your mind—the good and the bad.

To accommodate working parents, these coffees will begin at 7:30am (complimentary childcare available, reservations required). Come early and leave by 8:30am, or arrive at the normal school start time and stay through 9:30am.

  • 8th Grade: September 16
  • 7th Grade: September 23
  • 6th Grade: September 29
  • 5th Grade: October 7
  • 4th Grade: October 21
  • 3rd Grade: October 27
  • 2nd Grade: November 11
  • 1st Grade: November 18
  • Kindergarten: November 21


The Observatory Has Been Moved

The observatory is now on its new perch near the soccer fields and ready for student stargazing. Big thanks to the strong faculty and staff who lifted the surprisingly heavy top into place!
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Community Activities

Mindful Parent Workshop: Mindful Games that Reduce Stress in Our Youth and Ourselves

Thursday, Oct. 27 in Birmingham or Saturday, Oct. 29 in Ann Arbor

Several Emerson faculty and staff will be attending the workshop for professionals, and families are encouraged to attend the parent workshop. In this talk, Susan Kaiser Greenland, renowned author and teacher of mindfulness, will offer us information about true and tested mindfulness practices we can apply to help reduce stress in our children and cultivate the essential life skills of attention (A), emotional balance (B) and compassion (C).
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Cyber Awareness and Internet Safety Forum: What Families Need to Know

Thursday, Oct. 20, 7:00pm at Forsythe Middle School

95% of teenagers use the internet. Understand how to use it safely. This session is intended for parents and caretakers and will address online predators, sexting, digital reputations and other relevant issues.
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Row Along with the Pioneer Crew Team

Saturday, October 15, 10:00am – 2:30pm

This event will feature 90 min. rowing lessons by Pioneer coaches and a row in the Huron River in a racing boat. Advance registration required. See for more details about age groups, cost, or to register, or contact Laura Davis at

Trimathlon Community Event

Sunday, Nov. 5 at 9:00am

Mathnasium of Dexter will host a fun math competition open to all students who are in grades 2, 3, 4 and 5.
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