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Family Newsletter – May. 15, 2015

Middle Schoolers perform at Art Music Night

Middle School Art Music Night

There was so much to love about yesterday’s Middle School Art Music Night; from the alums who stayed after the Alumni Dinner to play alongside students, to Dr. Borton guest conducting while his original composition was being performed, to the heartwarming videos. But, as always, the students shined the brightest. Bravo!
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Letter from Jerry

Jerry the SluggerHello Parents,

What do Washington, D.C., Eastern Ohio, and the Florida Keys have in common? Common rock formations, scheduled stops on the next Jimmy Buffett tour, areas of growth? These three locations will be invaded by Emerson Middle School students, teachers, and parent volunteer chaperones next week.

Each Middle School adventure mixes equal parts academics, new experiences, individual and group challenges, time with friends, time with folks they might not ordinarily interact with, and time to have a boat-load—or a bus-load—of fun. Many thanks to teachers and parent chaperones for devoting your busy days to these memorable experiences.

While we have run these trips for many years, they have never taken place all within the same week. So, when the school buildings all start to lean toward the lower school end of campus next week, you will know why.

Happy trails to our travelers. Enjoy your weekend!


Jerry Loewen
Head of School


All School News

Welcoming New Emerson Faculty in 2015-2016

Rebecca Wancier, Middle School Math Teacher

Rebecca brings 12 years of middle school teaching experience in both science and math, with experience in both public and independent schools. Rebecca has an impressive rapport with middle schoolers, varied teaching abilities, active roles in professional collaboration, and a deep knowledge of both math and science.

Eddie VanRiper, Middle School Math Support & Theater Manager

Eddie is currently an Emerson alum, a current high school math teacher, a regular Emerson sub, and a long-time Band and Orchestra supporter. Next year, his many talents will be combined as he takes on roles as Middle School Math Support, a Math Department member, the evolving “Theater Manager” position, and Middle School advisor and elective teacher. There will also be opportunities for Eddie to work with Lower School students in the math and fine arts areas. Eddie’s dedication to Emerson is legendary and his fit with community is a near perfect one.

Jan Out for the Remainder of the Year

Despite Jan’s negotiations with doctors and attempted bribes, the nature of her knee and foot breaks mean that she will be unable to return to teaching this school year. Jan is obviously very disappointed, but she is dealing with the unfortunate news with her typical poise and sense of humor.
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Sam Heidtke Subbing For Jan The Remainder of The Year

Sam is a already a familiar face at Emerson. She has been a regular substitute teacher and worked in the After Care and Summer at Emerson programs for the past two years. Sam has been in close communication with Jan, has her teaching degree, and will be the Computers teacher for the final weeks of school.

Water Flowing Again in the Lower School

Thanks to Emerson’s Building and Grounds department (Ted, Lee, and David), who all worked incredibly hard behind the scenes to remedy compounding issues with our well system, water is once again available throughout the school. The water lines are being treated and is anticipated to be drinkable by Monday.

Donate Your Books to the Used Book Sale

May 29 – 29 in the Emerson Library

Now is the time to free up bookshelf space and donate to the annual Used Book Sale. Books (no textbooks please), movies, games, and puzzles for all ages are welcome, but remember that kids of all ages will be looking through them (i.e. please do not send books that may have inappropriate visuals). Children’s books will all be just 10 cents, and books for adults and games will never be more than 50 cents.

Emerson’s National Junior Honor Society will help with the sale and will select a worthy cause to which all of the proceeds will be donated.
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Open Mic Night - May 27 at 6:30pm

Perform at Open Mic Night

May 27, 6:30pm – 7:30pm, on Emerson’s New Stage

Emerson’s first Open Mic Night was a big hit, so we’re doing it one more time before the school year ends. Anyone can perform, including students, alums, parents, and teachers. Performers will be given five minutes each to sing a song, play an instrument, read original poetry, perform a monologue, play as an ensemble, etc.—let your talent be your guide.
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Watch Out for Ticks

Springtime in Michigan means many things – beautiful flowers, warm breezes, cool rain… and occasionally, ticks. During past springs, the tick typically seen in or around Emerson’s nature center has been the American Dog Tick, the most common tick found in Michigan. This is not the kind of tick that carries Lyme disease. Spring is an active time for these critters, so checking your child for ticks after they have played outdoors is always recommended this time of year.

Middle School News

Skyline Soccer Looking for Incoming 9th Graders

The Skyline Soccer coach is putting together a list of incoming freshmen boys who are interested in trying out for the team (freshman, JV, and varsity). Strength/conditioning training and scrimmages start after school gets out in mid-June. If you have an 8th grade boy who is planning to attend Skyline and is interested in trying out, please email Mark Haddlesey to be added to Skyline Soccer’s distribution list.
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Community Events

12 Emerson Students Star in YPT’s Mary Poppins

May 15 – 17 at Power Center for the Performing Arts

Young People’s Theater’s production of Mary Poppins will feature 99 young people, including Emerson students Julia Ammer, Emily Cooper, Benjamin Faulkner, Lydia Hall, Emma Hudson, Kyra Kahana, Sophia Kleer, Lauren Nishi, Gabby Pacifico, Aydrey Weizer, Violet Weizer, and Hannah Ziegler. Tickets go on sale April 6.
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Learn to Row with Ann Arbor Rowing Club

Saturday, May 16, 12:00 – 3:00pm at Bandemer Park

Ann Arbor Rowing Club is partnering with the U of M Men’s Rowing Team to offer a free opportunity to see what the sport of rowing is all about. Drop by Argo Pond, in Bandemer Park off of N. Main St., to preview both the land and water aspects of rowing. Event open to those 12 and up! Those under 18 must be accompanied by parent/guardian.
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Students Invited To Review Pre-Released Books

Meeting on Sunday, May 17 at 2:00pm at Nicola’s Books

Nicola’s Books is looking for avid readers at Emerson School to read copies of books before they come out and write short reviews. Students’ literary opinions will be posted on Nicola’s Facebook page, our website, and on our Twitter feed, and reviewers get to keep the books.
* Because many Middle School students will be away on trips on May 17, Nicola’s will send someone to Emerson during an advisory time in June to discuss this program with students.
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+ Contact Nicola’s Books for questions at 734-662-0600

Sagebrush Sea Premiering on PBS

Wednesday, May 20 at 8:00pm on PBS Nature

Emerson alum Andy Johnson was part of the post-production team of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s documentary, The Sagebrush Sea, which premieres on May 20th at 8:00pm on Nature | PBS. The Sagebrush Sea explores many hidden aspects of the great sagebrush plains of the West, including fabulous footage of the Greater Sage Grouse.
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1 Mile Kazoo Fun Run for Ypsi Symphony Orchestra

May 23 at 1:00pm at Frog Island Park

Join Emerson 5th grader Julian Toogood and parents Hanna Song and Peter Toogood in a fun run to benefit the Ypsilanti Symphony Orchestra. You will earn your YSO kazoo when you cross the finish line.
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