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Family Newsletter – Apr. 17, 2015

Egg Spacecrafts Crash Landing at Emerson

The space race heated up again today at Emerson—egg style. Students learned about the Cold War space race, then designed and built their own crafts to house their egg astronauts. Many survived, but most are now scrambled memories.
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Letter from Jerry

Jerry the SluggerHello Parents,

Earth Day is next Wednesday, but as the popular button says, “make every day Earth Day.” This special day formally recognizes the need to honor our planet and the environmental stewardship we must shoulder, but many have relegated this realization to a near Hallmark Holiday status alongside Grandparents Day, Sweetest Day, and Boss’s Day.

So what is something manageable that we can do every day that can help our environment, both in real and symbolic terms? Turn you car off instead of idling at morning and afternoon pick-up. If you are going to be standing still for 10 seconds or more, simply turn off your engine. It is simple and effective.

Turn your key, be idle free.As you wait in your car with the engine running at Emerson, our students, with their young developing lungs, are breathing in those fumes at a faster rate than all those very kind adults, who would also benefit from breathing in fewer emissions. Idling on campus, at stop lights, in the bank line, or while warming your car in the morning is spewing as much as 50 pounds of pollutants and 500 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. As we sit waiting in a running car, we are negatively impacting the health of our children, teachers, and the atmosphere. If the health of children and the planet is not enough to move us to turn off our engines, how about the prospect of saving money? By incorporating this new routine, you can save $30 in gas each year.

I thank ESPO for championing this effort and pushing us all to take this simple action. You can learn more about the Anti-Idling Initiative on the ESPO Webpage. Once we grow accustomed to this more conscious approach to our daily impact on the environment, we open ourselves up to many more actions that can lead us all toward an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


Jerry Loewen
Head of School


All School News

Art Music Night Help Needed for Apr. 21

Sign Up To Prepare and Hang Art

Emerson’s Art and Music Nights are coming up soon. ESPO could use your help with preparing and hanging the hundreds of beautiful works of art created by your children. Please check out the volunteer times below, and sign up!
– Amy Woodruff and Dana DeBord
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Sign Up Online for the Emerson Blood Drive

Tuesday, Apr. 21, Noon to 6:00pm in the Emerson Gym

The goal is to collect 50 pints of blood, and Mr. Wilson’s 8th graders and 4th graders in Rob Bauman’s class need you to donate. All donations should take 60 minutes or less, from check-in to check-out, and donors will be treated to a WiFi waiting area with work tables, snacks, and lots of TLC.
+ Student interview with Red Cross organizer
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ESPO Faculty and Staff Appreciation Lunch

May 5, 11:30am – 1:00pm, Plus Setup and Cleanup

Each year, ESPO and parent volunteers generously host a lunch to show their appreciation for Emerson teachers and staff. Volunteers host the event, from set up and decorations, to hosting the event and cleaning up afterwards.

A sign-up link will be included in next week’s newsletter, but if you have questions or want to get involved before then, please contact chair Diana Rooks, or co-chairs Christine Kim or Michelle Weaver.

Auction Receipts Mailed Home Next Week

Please be on the lookout for your donation and auction item receipts, which will be mailed to your home next week. Please save these for your 2015 taxes.

The InterGen Tech Starts Tuesday

Seeking Adult Participants (Parents, Grandparents, Friends, etc.)

InterGen Tech is an after-school, hands-on technology course where adult participants learn basic computer and/or digital device skills. Each participant will have his/her very own student-teacher to help reach personal goals.
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+ Register by contacting Rose Hacker or call 734-660-5108

New Emerson Summer Camp: Bollywood Beats!

July 20 – 24, 9:00am – 12:00pm, for Grades 3 – 5

Join us as we groove to the energetic beats of Bollywood; the music of the Indian film industry! Bollywood dancing is a versatile, colorful dance form that incorporates styles from around the world, such as Latin, hip-hop, Indian classical, and jazz. In this camp, students will join friends in learning fun choreography and putting together a dance. We’ll introduce students to the music, the style, and most importantly, the fun that comes with being immersed in modern Indian culture.
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Head Transition Team

At the recommendation of our search consultant and in consultation with administration, the Board has created the following team to help facilitate the Head of School transition.

  • Tim Wilson, Middle school teacher, former Head of School and alumni parent
  • Nancy Laitner, Word Study teacher, Learning Specialist and alumni parent
  • Sue Johnson, Development Director and alumni parent
  • Lisa Psarouthakis, Assistant to the Head of School and alumni parent
  • Allison Zeglis, Trustee, current and alumni parent
  • Jennifer Pinto, Trustee, current and alumni parent, chair of transition team

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Middle School News

Pioneer High 9th Grade ‘Meet and Greet’

Wednesday, Apr. 22, 11:15am – 2:30pm

Students will have a tour of the school and lunch with fellow 8th graders. There will be an extra curricular fair with representatives of several school clubs and athletic teams. Meet at the Clock Tower Entrance.
+ RSVP to Jen Kunec by April 10th

Father Gabriel Richard Freshmen Welcome Event

Tuesday, Apr. 28, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Incoming freshmen and parents are invited to attend.

Community Events

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

April 17 – 19 at The Riverside Arts Center

Based on the novel by C.S. Lewis, where four kids travel through a wardrobe to the land of Narnia with the guidance of a mystical lion.
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Ann Arbor Area 44th Annual Earth Day Fest

Sunday, April 19, Noon – 4:00pm

An afternoon of celebrating the Earth through entertainment, education, exploration, and fun!
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Adolescent Depression: How to spot it and what to do

Tuesday, Apr. 21, 7:00pm – 8:00pm at Forsyth Media Center

There is an increasing concern about anxiety and depression in children and adolescents in our society. The University of Michigan Depression Center is giving a free talk to help educate parents about adolescent depression. This talk is open to everyone.
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Free E-Waste Recycling Events

Quickly and easily get rid of your electronic waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Bring your old, working or broken electronics, including computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, cables, televisions, VCRs—you name it—and it will be responsibly and securely recycled.
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Thursday, Apr. 23, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Friday, Apr. 24, 9:00am – 2:00pm

At the U of M State Street Commuter Parking lot, 2694 S State St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

Saturday, Apr. 25, 9:00am – 2:00pm

At the Pioneer High School parking lot., 601 W Stadium Blvd at Main St.

12 Emerson Students Star in YPT’s Mary Poppins

May 15 – 17 at Power Center for the Performing Arts

Young People’s Theater’s production of Mary Poppins will feature 99 young people, including Emerson students Julia Ammer, Emily Cooper, Benjamin Faulkner, Lydia Hall, Emma Hudson, Kyra Kahana, Sophia Kleer, Lauren Nishi, Gabby Pacifico, Aydrey Weizer, Violet Weizer, and Hannah Ziegler.Tickets go on sale April 6.
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