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Emerson’s Science Olympians

Emerson students have been flexing their science knowledge recently, competing with schools throughout the county and across the state in the Science Olympiads.  120 Emerson students took up the challenge this year, working in teams and guided by coaches and parent volunteers.  Congratulations to each and every participant, from 2nd grade right up to 8th.  Special honors go to the volunteers who made it all possible!

A report on the action:

Middle School Science Olympiad

Emerson’s Middle School students earned an 8th place in the state tournament on April 27, competing with students from 47 schools from across Michigan.  Led by a dedicated, hardworking and talented group of 8th graders, the Emerson team garnered 7 top-6 medal places.  Way to go, team!  To see individual honors, go to Emerson Student Accomplishments.

Let’s set the scene:
Design a rocket from a plastic soda bottle, taking into consideration weight, balance, propulsion, recovery, weather, flight strategy, and more.  Working together with your team partner, launch it in competition.  When it comes to earth after a lengthy flight, you yourself may be floating on a cloud, because maybe, just maybe, you’ve taken first place!

Science, teamwork, excitement – that’s the Science Olympiad.  Bottle Rockets, Disease Detectives, Crime Busters, Compute This, Anatomy, Mission Possible, Optics – there are so many ways to get a mental workout.  Choose your event!

10th Annual Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad – WESO

90 Emerson students took part in the largest Elementary School Science Olympiad in the country on April 21 at Pioneer High School.  Overall, 1621 kids, aka WESO Wizards, competed in 20 events. They put their scientific knowledge to the test identifying bones, designing electrical circuits, explaining sky motions in the planetarium, and much, much more.  Our 2nd – 5th graders represented us well!  To read more, go to Emerson Student Accomplishments.

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