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Caswell Students Support Diabetes Research

Finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes will require a lot of support, and Emerson students Rollie Caswell (8th), Lance Caswell (4), and Lucas Caswell (3) are doing their part. For the seventh year, they are participating in the JDRF One Walk (Sept. 28) as part of team 3 Caz 4 a Cure. Together with parents Trey and Elizabeth Caswell, their team has raised tens of thousands of dollars to turn Type 1 into Type None.

The Caswell boys raised more than $300 for JDRF by hosting a lemonade stand.

The Caswell boys raised more than $300 for JDRF by hosting a lemonade stand.

According to Lucas, “I am walking to cure Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), because people in my family have diabetes, including my Dad and brother. It makes me feel bad that they have diabetes.  A cure would mean no more testing blood sugars and no waking up in the night for my Mommy.  A cure would mean that my brother could eat more things without monitoring and giving himself insulin. I hope it gets cured soon.”

Supporting JDRF, which stands for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, is about more than just raising funds. The boys all take active leadership roles with JDRF. Lance is a Youth Ambassador for the walk and Rollie is on the Youth Leadership Council and has spoken on behalf of the walk at a corporate breakfast.

Congrats to Rollie, Lance, and Lucas on all of their efforts!

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