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URGENT: Bone Marrow Drive for Jill Nolan

Dear Emerson Community, Jill Nolan Bone Marrow DriveAs many of you know, in March, Jill Nolan (1st Grade Teacher at Emerson School) was suddenly diagnosed with AML leukemia. This came as a shock to all of us and has been quite devastating. However, Jill and our family have been blown away by the support and love that they’ve received…it has been incredibly uplifting.

Jill conquered her first round of chemo in the hospital (she spent four weeks there), was declared to be in remission (woohoo!) and was able to come home to spend about a month healing and enjoying life. She was back in the hospital last week for round two of chemo (a shorter stay this time).

Moving forward, we are looking for a bone marrow donor for Jill. She and our family would be grateful if anyone would be willing to see if they are a qualified donor (age requirement is 18-44). It is as simple as just giving a saliva sample. This is extremely time sensitive, so our ask would be that if you are interested in seeing if you are a donor, that you get tested soon.

If you are interested and/or willing to do this, please join the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry, which is where the doctors are looking for Jill’s match. You can do it one of two ways:

  • Pick up a test kit in the Lower School Office. Once you complete your swab test and paperwork return it to the office, Emerson will send it back to Be The Match.
  • Online at

Thank you for considering registering for such an important cause,

The Nolan Family