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Alumni Panel

High school is on the horizon for Emerson 8th graders.  Everyone has questions, and recently the students got answers and insights from the finest experts around – Emerson alumni.

The Emerson Alumni Panel was organized for the 8th graders by Alex Hassan, now a junior at Huron High.  Former students fielded questions on topics from homework loads to class size, locker logistics and making friends. There was advice: get involved in clubs and activities right away.  There was assurance: Emerson has prepared them well for advanced level classes.  And there was an upbeat vibe of Emerson alumni connection and commitment.  Thanks, alums!


Alex Hassan, Adam Psarouthakis (sophomore at Pioneer), Tim Canter (junior at Greenhills), Jennifer Ho (junior at Saline), Catherine Doyle (junior at Fr. Gabriel Richard), and Miles Grofsorean (junior at Community).