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82 Lower School Students Participate in Science Olympiad, 24 Teams Earn Medals

Congratulations to the eighty-two Emerson students who participated in this year’s Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad which was held on Saturday, June 3rd, at Pioneer High School. Emerson was one of 42 schools from the county who competed, and our 2nd–5th grade students represented Emerson so well—we are very proud of their participation and achievements!

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Congratulations to our terrific Science Olympians:

  • 2nd Grade: Rohit Chaudhary, Pablo Del Rio, Nico Bichakjian, Grayson Landau, Laya Shanawani, Ellie Kim, Maximo Atkins, Ewan Russel, Joseph Ranzini, Liam Pilz, William Pearce, Ella Sinha, Maggie Wancer
  • 3rd Grade: Dominick VanOyen, Maya Thornton, Max Park, Oliver Jacobson, Gillian Harrison, Alexandra DeSilva, Erica Lee, Zarina Chugh, Deeksha Sriram, Jack Corbett, Audrey Bain, Harper Cash, Stephanie Chen, Sameer Kheterpal, Henry Beck, Ellen Kuchinski, Jiajia Huang, Evan Johnson, River Nicolich, Rykken Vivekanand, Walter Groening, Caterina DeSilva
  • 4th Grade: Robert Pandolfi, Jack Huber, Aidan Drain, Kiran Sinha, Oliver Wancier, Pierce VanOyen, Michael Nakashima, Ruth Norton, Anjali Brahmasandra, Elle Wong, Jayden Im, Maxine Bruienne, Frederick Debord, Naveen Owens, Preston Zabinko, Maddie Lowen, Chase Weaver, Ateesh Lath, James Stross, Hansen Billionton, Skyla Shea, Sophie Chen, Lucy Sweeney, Tove Vivekanand, Lizzie Smith
  • 5th Grade: Micah Jacobson, Parini Rao, Lucas Caswell, Lachlan Rae, Adelyn Boucher, Andy Zhang, Neel Moudgal, Cooper Duke, Emma Zamansky, Carson Strauss, Lucas Nor, Anya Akhoury, Ava Hall, Anne-Marie Begola, Teddy Tolbert, Faith Pearson, Margaret Loszewski, Chiara Bichakjian, Maia Hodgin, Simran Kheterpal, Addison Kim, Victoria Zhang, Lyle Mondano

Emerson took home medals in 24 events this year:

2nd Grade:

  • Map Reading 1st Place (Ewan, Joseph)
  • Photon Phun 1st Place (Ellie, Laya, Maximo)
  • Pasta Bridges 5th Place (Ella, Maggie)

3rd Grade

  • In Bloom 1st Place (Jack, Audrey)
  • Map Reading 2nd Place (Ellen, Jiajia)
  • Pasta Bridges 2nd Place (Sameer, Henry)
  • Feathered Friends 4th Place (Dominick, Maya)
  • Aerodynamics Honorable Mention (Oliver, Max)
  • To Infinity & Beyond Honorable Mention (Gillian, Alexandra)
  • No Bones About It Honorable Mention (Zarina, Deeksha, Erica)

4th Grade

  • GENE-ius 1st Place (Naveen, Fred, Preston)
  • Circuit Wizardry 3rd Place (Ruth, Pierce, Michael)
  • Map Reading 4th Place (Lucy, Sophie)
  • Back to Nature 5th Place (Lucy, Tove)
  • Write It, Build It Honorable Mention (Robert, Hansen, Maddie, Ruth)
  • To Infinity & Beyond Honorable Mention (Maxine)

5th Grade

  • GENE-ius 2nd Place (Neel, Adelyn, Andy)
  • Circuit Wizardry 2nd Place (Micah, Parini, Neel)
  • Mystery Architecture 2nd Place (Margaret, Faith)
  • On Target 2nd Place (Lachlan, Lucas C.)
  • Write It, Build It 3rd Place (Parini, Anne-Marie, Teddy, Maia)
  • Potions 3rd Place (Simran, Addison)
  • Estimania 4th Place (Lyle, Victoria)
  • Map Reading Honorable Mention (Maia, Chiara)

If you see an event coach from Emerson, please take time to thank them for their time, commitment, and expertise. They are the reason Emerson students are able to participate in this great community-wide event!

Grades 2-5 WESO Coaches: Pallavi Jha, Angela Kasmer, Hasan Shanawani, Nicki Pilz, Bisher Akil, Ingrid Arias, Luis Del Rio, Jamie Sinha, Wei Cao, Xianglei Huang, Julie Lee, Nghi Tran, Ruchika Kheterpal, Sachin Kheterpal, Kara Bloom, Gail Krieger, Kris Nicolich, Terence Groening, Pepijn Bruienne, Thor Helgeson, Rashmi Chugh, Natalie Goodwin-VanOyen, Carol & Scott Drain, Amitabh Sinha, Elizabeth Molina Sweeney, Sundu Brahmasandra, Lonnie Shea, Bing Chen, Carolyn Norton, Ann Wann, Michele Thomsen, Pete Pandolfi, Jeanne Wei, Michelle & Corey Weaver, Sonal Owens, Stephanie Zabinko, Varsha Moudgal, Vivek Moudgal, Michael Loszewski, Ratin Akhoury, Margaret Hicken, George Zhang, Bryan Begola, Venkat Rao, Paul Boucher, and Mike Wilson.

Thank you to parents who volunteered their time and skills at the event: Maria Bichakjian, Becky Wancier, Christy Nakashima, Jessica Lowen, Vanika Lath, Steve Strauss, Lori Pearson, Andrea Zamansky, Thor Helgeson, Beth Helgeson, Allison Hong, Eleanor Sun, Janice Huber, Melissa Cash, Christine Kim, Jennifer Vivekanand, David Ammer, Liz Tolbert, Elizabeth Caswell, Jan Hewitt, Lin Zhang, Abbie Lawrence, Renee Mondano, Lisa Ranzini, Leigh Pearce, Christa Harrison, Priya Rajagopel, Fred Corbett, and Robert Chen .

Emerson must provide an event supervisor each year in order to participate in WESO… special thanks to our event supervisors: Mike Wilson (Water Rockets) Terence Groening (Gravity Racer), and Debra Meyer (GENE-ius) Event Supervisor. Thank you to Katsuyo Thornton as well for all her work with Photon Phun.

Thank you to the many parents that helped with the ice cream party and brought food on Saturday—all help was appreciated!

And finally… thank you to Emerson colleagues who helped along the way: Mike Wilson, Marchell Burgess, Robin Joye, Rose Hacker, Wei Cao, Mike Shaw, and all the Emerson teachers who shared their rooms so we could practice!

Kelly Vohland
Head Coach