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2017 SHAR Strings Scholarship Winners Announced

By Leslie Cappozoli, Emerson Orchestra Director


Many of Emerson’s talented string musicians prepared auditions and performed in the SHAR Scholarship Auditions last week. The judges enjoyed listening to the students and faced a difficult decision. Mr. Hook, who listened to the auditions, wrote, “I was extremely impressed by all the students. They had all obviously prepared for this and put real effort into it. Please extend my and Tina’s appreciation to them and their families for caring so much about music, and about Emerson. You have a great group of students there!”

To celebrate the auditions, all of the students who participated will take part in a fun field trip to SHAR to see how an instrument is crafted. Two of the students received generous scholarships that will help support their private music study. Congratulations to Maya Thornton and Mara Krupka! We are so happy for you! Thank you to our friends at SHAR for this incredible gift to our school and for the instruments that we lovingly use every day.

“I started to play the cello in kindergarten. I chose cello because my brother was playing it. My teacher is Melissa Kraut. My first teacher was Suzanne Smith, and she moved to Vermont. I really like the cello because of how it sounds. With cello, even when you think you’ve covered it all, you discover a whole new world. I think the Emerson orchestra is fun, and I like playing in concerts!”

Mara started playing cello 5 years ago when she was inspired by her cousin! Music, as well as the way the cello makes the music sound, are a way to forget work and school, to relax, to have fun, to be creative and goofy, to compose and to hang out with friends! Mara studies with Ken Ishii and was a former student of Martin Torch-Ishii. She is delighted to receive this scholarship and will be using it to take MORE cello lessons and to prepare for high school auditions.