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2016 Square 1 Art Fundraiser Info

By Jennifer Tanau, Lower School Art Teacher

The Lower School art classes will once again participate in the Square 1 Art fundraiser. This fundraiser is an opportunity for families to purchase mugs, greeting cards, t-shirts, phone cases, pillow cases, and key chains—just a few of huge array of items available—and many families like to use these as gifts for the holidays.. Purchasing items is completely optional, but the proceeds will offset some of the cost of buses for the Toledo and Detroit art museums trips in the spring.

How It Works:

  1. Students create a drawing of their choice in the art room.
  2. Drawings are sent to Square 1 by October 18 and they send back a free page of stickers with your child’s artwork on them. At that time, they will also provide each child with an ordering packet.
  3. Items are shipped back to us by the first week in December.

Although the Middle School doesn’t participate in this as a school, if your child is interested in doing it on their own, you can visit Jennifer Tanau in the Lower School art room before or after school to get supplies. All work must be back to her by October 18. Other family members can participate as well. Students could send more than one image if you wanted them to create a specific type of image for a special purpose. If you have something in mind, discuss it with your child and have them talk to Jennifer, who is happy to help.

You can check out the items using the link to the company’s website below, or check out some of the items in the small showcase outside the Middle School office entrance.