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2011 Rockwall Challenge

The students carefully considered the obstacles on the climbing wall as they listened to teacher Lenny Dale explain the format.  Work your way from one end of the wall to the other without fouling.  Don’t knock off a baton or hoop, touch the “poisonous lava” mats or reach above the “safe line.”

Welcome to the 2011 Rockwall Challenge!  You have all of January to figure it out.  Good luck!


Over the course of weeks the K-3 students went at the difficult “bouldering problem” with concentration and problem-solving.  They tested balance and strength – and perseverance!  They found success in the small yet significant gains that they made.

The Rockwall Challenge is notoriously tough. Most climbers do not make it across the wall.  As Lenny explains, it isn’t about the destination, but the journey, reaching an improved position along the wall and finding personal satisfaction in that new foot hold.  And finding fun too!