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17 Students Earn Awards in National French Contest

Merci beaucoup to all of the French World Language students from Emerson School who finished among the best in the country in the 2018 National French Contest.

Gold Award Recipients (95th National Percentile):

  • Celine Duenyas (7th grade)
  • Kit Bellovin (8th grade)
  • Nina Gardner (8th grade)

Silver Award Recipient (90th National Percentile):

  • Arvid Jonsson (8th grade)

Bronze Award Recipients (75th or 80th National Percentile):

  • Peyton Feeney (8th grade)
  • Carson Lewis (8th grade)
  • Talia Dauer (7th grade)
  • Eva Klayman (7th grade)
  • Asha Owens (7th grade)

Honorable Mentions (55th to 70th National Percentile):

  • Emily Cooper (7th grade)
  • Marin Heusel (7th grade)
  • Sophia Hildebrandt (7th grade)
  • Lucy Mehraban (7th grade)
  • Sydney Shea (7th grade)
  • MK Coolican (8th grade)
  • Ariana Levin (8th grade)
  • Cate Weiser (8th grade)