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April is National Poetry Month. Celebrate with this original poem by 7th grader Bridget Chemberlin. NEWTON’S LAWS His name was Isaac, to know him by name, But his surname is what got him his fame. Newton was it, he’s a pretty bright guy, Though back in his time they thought t’was a lie. First he said that an object at rest Would stay that way or in motion unless A force hits it and it hits it back. Then it will change the state that it’s at. Next he said that to calculate force, You take, for example, the mass of a horse. Multiply this by the speed that it went Acceleration it’s called, and that’s what he meant. Last he said when an action you make, It’s got an opposite, and when you make A force the opposite will be the same, And those are his laws, that gave his fame.
Cars make learning everything more fun. Today, students in the Auto Science elective got a crash course in physics as they tested their original driver (egg) crash safety systems. Do the eggs survive a roll down a 35-degree ramp?
Auto Science Elective - The Physics of Crashes

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