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When 5th grader Drew Gottschang and his class was challenged to write a parody of the classic poem, “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” his interest in the Civil Rights movement inspired him to write this lovely and original piece: THE DAY BEFORE ABRAHAM LINCOLN FREED THE SLAVES Twas the night before freedom and all through the cells not a noise was heard not even a bell. The slaves slept on a floor as hard as a rock while Abraham Lincoln was watching the clock. Abraham Lincoln said “slavery’s not right!“ Then before his eyes he saw a terrible sight! A slave was hit with a whip, because he wasn’t sleeping the poor slave was sad and constantly weeping. Abraham Lincoln said to the world, “We should stop slavery, and I keep my word.” Slave dealers said to the slaves “You are free!” The slaves were happy, as happy could be. Abraham Lincoln was proud of what he’d done, but then he got shot with a horrible gun. Everybody was angry and so very sad. The thing that shooter had done, was really bad. Now in the U.S. slavery is no more, and we have Abraham Lincoln to be thankful for!

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