Admissions Process

The most important thing is that your child is in an environment where they thrive. Emerson provides a rigorous K-8 curriculum for gifted and for academically talented students, and our admissions process helps us identify whether your child would do well here. Children have a wide range of abilities and gifts, and intelligence is just one factor in Emerson’s application process.

  1. Learn About Emerson School
    You’re already off to a good start by exploring this site. The best way to learn more about our school is by taking a tour. You can also attend one of our upcoming Information Meetings. Contact Admissions Director Lisa Psarouthakis at or (734) 665-5662, ext. 303 to learn more or schedule a visit online.
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  2. Start an Application
    + Start and submit your student application online.
  3. Schedule Testing
    Intelligence testing can be scheduled as soon as your application is submitted.
    + More info about testing and administrators
  4. Send Your Child’s Academic Records
    Request copies of academic records and a current teacher evaluation, when applicable, and have them mailed to the Emerson Admissions Office.
  5. Visit a Classroom
    Schedule a classroom visit for your child, where they can experience a day as an Emerson student and allow us to get to know your child better.

Apply Today—It’s Not Too Late
We begin making decisions about admission in March. Because of small class sizes, many grades reach capacity, so we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible to ensure your child is considered.

Emerson is a rolling enrollment school, so there is no cutoff date for applications. Applications can be submitted at any time and will be considered as long as space is available.

+ Complete a student application online

We begin making decisions about admission in March. Because of small class sizes, many grades reach capacity, so we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible to ensure your child is considered for enrollment.

Mid-Year and Late Enrollments

For a variety of reasons, from relocation to realizing a child is struggling at their current school, it’s not unusual for families to apply in the spring, summer, or even after the school year has already started. If that’s you, please know that it’s not too late for your child to start at Emerson.

+ Complete a student application online

Student Application

It only takes a few minutes to complete a student application. You can save your progress and return later, monitor the status of your application, and review your application anytime.

Each application requires a non-refundable $60 application fee. If this creates a financial hardship that would otherwise prohibit you from applying, please contact Admissions Director Lisa Psarouthakis at or (734) 665-5662, ext. 303.

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About Intelligence Testing

Intelligence is one of many indicators that help us determine if your child is likely to do well at Emerson. These reports help identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth, and sub-scores provide as much insight as your child’s overall score.

To schedule testing, parents should contact a test administrator directly (listed below).

The Tests and Reports

  • The WPPSI-IV and WISC-V tests are administered. These are the two most widely used standardized intelligence tests.
  • Tests sample a variety of intellectual functioning, including mathematical ability, reasoning skills, and perceptual motor abilities.
  • Test reports are generally completed and ​e​mailed to ​parents, and a copy sent to ​Emerson School​, ​within one week of the testing.​​
  • All information from testing is confidential and never shared with anyone outside of Emerson’s Admissions Committee.

The Testing Process

  • Parents should wait to test until their child is at least 4 ½ years old. Testing at this age is more reliable.
  • Testing is administered by third-party professionals to ensure accuracy, consistency, and neutrality. Availability, cost, and turn-around time may vary by test administrator, and parents are encouraged to contact the tester directly for more information.
  • Testing generally takes one to two hours.
  • Parents are not permitted to be with the child during testing.
  • We recommend downplaying the admissions screening aspect of the testing so children do not feel anxious or pressured.
  • If a child is feeling ill on the day of the testing, the appointment should be rescheduled.

Test Administrators

  • Jerry Miller, Ph.D., L.P.
    Barbara Hanna, Ph.D., L.P.
    Miller Associates
    555 E. William
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104
    Phone: 734-761-5347
    Fax: 734-663-4327
  • Lisa Woodcock-Burroughs, Ph.D., N.C.S.P.
    Center of Neuropsychology, Learning & Development
    5864 Interface Drive, Suite D
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103
    Phone: 734-994-9466
    Fax: 734-994-9465